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aklima khatun
Mar 30, 2022
In General Discussions
Where the large companies can make a big email list impact, such as that of Elon Musk. My attention recently got stuck on a warning from Elon email list Musk , about using "his" Starlin internet. His company, Space, has made this network available in Ukraine to keep internet access up and running. But because in some places this is the only email list non-Russian communication system that still works , there is a good chance that Russia email list will attack this network. But what is the difference between a network like Starlin and the 'normal' internet as email list we know it in the Netherlands? Why does Elon Musk's network work everywhere in email list Ukraine, and the normal internet not? How does the Starlin network work? The biggest difference between these 2 networks is simply that 'our' internet runs email list underground via cable connections. And Wi-Fi works via radio waves between our routers ( access points ). A network like Starlin mainly works via satellites. Elon Musk's American space company, Space has email list sent thousands of satellites into the sky to create a network. A network of satellites is of course much less easy
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aklima khatun

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